risk forward book by victoria labalme
Risk Forward 
Unlock your hidden genius.

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risk forward book by victoria labalme
Risk Forward 
Unlock your hidden genius.

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"Some people in life know exactly what they want to achieve.
This is a book for the rest of us." 

—Victoria Labalme
If you're struggling to figure out your next steps on a project, plan or path...

If you sense there’s something more but you're not yet sure what it is...

If you wish you had more courage to try something new...

Risk Forward will help you find your way.
In this brief, easy-to-read, full color book “experience”, Victoria shares a series of strategies that are reassuring and radically freeing. 
Victoria Labalme Little Works
  • Figuring out next steps on a project
  • ​Leading a team into new territory
  • ​Feeling there's more but not sure what
  • ​Evaluating a decision or new venture 
  • ​Developing a creative project
  • ​Facing a change in health/relationship/career
  • ​Graduating or retiring
  • ​Feeling burnt out
  • ​Finding themselves stuck
  • ​Looking for the courage to try something new
I knew RISK FORWARD was terrific when I found myself, by page 10, taking notes and applying them to my own current creative chaos...and Victoria's wisdom worked! RISK FORWARD is the indispensable guide for all of us when we freak out at the inception of a new project. Have you got a mini-shelf of go-to books? Add Victoria Labalme's RISK FORWARD to it right now. I did."

—Steven Pressfield, NY Times Bestselling Author of The War of Art
"Like the best businesses and leaders, RISK FORWARD breaks the mold. It’s an essential guide for anyone who wants to challenge the norm and go beyond what's been done before. Victoria Labalme’s creative graphics, candid style, and ultra-motivating message make this book impossible to put down. Buy more than one—you’ll be passing your copy along to a friend! 

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level
These pages brought literal tears to my eyes for their truth, my experience of that truth, and the beautiful way in which they are being expressed.”

—Hillary Z. Bradley, Artist / Painter

"Whether you are just starting out, in the middle of your career, or a seasoned senior executive, RISK FORWARD has something for you. As I read each page I felt as if Victoria Labalme had been looking over my shoulder my entire career. She describes, in a compelling and direct way, how to deal with fear, doubts in your head, and the unknown. These are the things we face in our lives every day. The things they don’t teach in business schools. This book should be the official guidebook for your career. I will be giving it to my wife, both of my daughters as well as many of my friends and associates."

—Geoff Cottrill, Co-Founder of Marvin Media, and former CMO at Converse and Coca-Cola
“RISK FORWARD now has an exalted place on my bookshelf - next to Anne Lamott's ‘Bird By Bird’.” 

—Alan Zweibel, original Saturday Night Live writer, Thurber Prize winning author 
"An essential, practical manual that helps one meet any moment. 3x this week alone I have applied these principles with my team. RISK FORWARD is so efficient that it will remain on my desk and in my work bag always.

My daughter is one and a half and I already want her to read it."

—Journey Gunderson, Executive Director, National Comedy Center

“If Picasso and Apple produced a book - this would be it!!!"

—Vince Poscente, Olympian & New York Times Bestselling Author
“How can a small book with such profound and audacious ideas have such a delightful spirit? Victoria Labalme’s RISK FORWARD is a gift. It shows us how to defy the noise and think in a new way. I love this book. We need this book.

—Frank Oz, Director, Performer
“Exquisite, whimsical and thought provoking. Beautifully written, filled with artistry and easy to read, Risk Forward had me asking myself profound questions. 

—Jeff Walker, Founder of Product Launch Formula 

“...a singular achievement that prompts us to view the world and our place within it in a wholly new light... an insightful, witty and deeply moving mosaic.” 

—Matt Fagerholm, RogerEbert.com
"This is the type of book you'll want to have on your bookshelf or by your bedside, as it is filled with bright illustrations and visual prompts that really make you think and consider where you are on your journey. This is the type of book that you will want to refer to over and over again

—Melissa Houston, Forbes.com
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RISK FORWARD®: The V-Card System
Feeling stuck on a project, presentation or plan? Victoria’s V-Card system will give you a simple, immediately applicable strategy to save time, move into action and gain clarity.
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Access to the Risk Forward Book Team Community
Meet your other Risk Forward friends in the book team. This is where all the people who bought the book are connecting now.
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3-Part Listening Workshop
Your listening skills directly impact your relationships and how others perceive YOU. This video workshop, which Victoria filmed a number of years ago, is a classic. You’ll learn Victoria's “3V” listening strategies.
listening workshop
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Be the first to see some of Victoria’s favorite chapters that she LOVED, but which didn’t quite fit in the book. So special and so good!! 
the v-card system
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Risk Forward & Rock It Quick start Audio Series
If you want to Risk Forward and Rock It in any kind of meeting or presentation, this short, fun, 6-part audio series will help you stand out from the pack...even if you’re shy or an introvert!
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RISK FORWARD® MINI ART - Downloadable Quote Cards
These lovely downloadable quote cards are wonderful reminders that will lift you when you need it most. Use them as wallpaper for your phone or computer, post on social media to motivate friends and followers, or print and place on your fridge, mirror or desk area wall. All art created by Victoria for YOU!
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Risk Forward Book
Through these uniquely designed, whimsical and thought-provoking pages, you’ll learn:
  • How to navigate through uncertainty
  • ​The #1 question to identify what matters to you
  • 4 insights to help you find your way
  • Why taking action can be a mistake
  • Why your disparate talents are essential to your path
  • How to handle moments of indecision
  • 3 key questions to ask when you get advice
  • ​How to stay on course and know that what you're doing makes a difference 
what people say about Victoria's Work...
“Not only did Victoria energize and inspire our PayPal team, but her techniques from the performing arts helped us perform at the highest levels.”

—Hill Ferguson,
Chief Product Officer, PayPal

“A creative tour-de-force who knows exactly what it takes to shine. With her guidance, you will be brilliant." 

—Kris Carr, NY Times Best Selling Author, Oprah's SuperSoul Session

"Dynamic! Impactful. Riveting."

—Pete Docter,
Academy Award®-Winning Director of Up & Inside Out, PIXAR Animation Studios

Victoria is available for keynotes, team workshops and VIP consulting

Author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Risk Forward, Victoria Labalme helps people perform at their highest levels in work, onstage, on camera, and in life. Her unconventional approach offers a surprising blend of art and business.
As a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Victoria is known for her Keynote Performances and workshops around the world. Her proprietary systems and strategies have been embraced by hundreds of thousands of people: 
Entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, advisers, professors, scientists, executives and more than 700 organizations including top team members at Starbucks, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Oracle, Chase, Lowe’s, L’Oreal, PayPal, American Heart Association, MetLife, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the World Bank, universities, cultural institutions, and not-for-profits.
Victoria has been the trusted consultant to C-suite executives, leading entrepreneurs, artists, and New York Times best-selling authors. She has coached hundreds of elite individuals for high-stakes presentations including keynotes, live streams, PBS Specials, Oprah’s SuperSoul Session, and arena events.
Her films, performances and theater projects have received critical acclaim from The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Variety, BBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, and Good Morning America.
Victoria is the founder of Risk Forward® and a full suite of products designed to help individuals and organizations uncover their original ideas and express them with the unexpected twist that distinguishes their work.

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Unlock your hidden genius
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unlock your hidden genius and achieve remarkable results.
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